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How to Build a Website with Site Builder

Its very easy to create your own website with the’s Site Builder NOTE: Please ensure that you have your domain name on hand when purchasing a Site Builder package. 1. Select Site Builder from the Hosting drop down menu 2. To be certain that this Hosting package will suit your needs, we do suggest trying out the Demo version first. The Demo version is based on the Sitebuilder Pro package. 3. Select a professionally designed template that best suits your needs, there are over 200 to choose from. – Limited to 66 templates for Sitebuilder Lite version. 4. Create and name your website’s pages. – Sitebuilder Lite package has 5 pages available. We would suggest that you consider the following basics: Home Page, About […]

How do I Add Separation Lines to a Web Page?

To add a separation line to the content of your website, you can simply use the Separating Line widget, located in the Widget menu, under the Content Elements tab. The line being displayed can be edited to add to or match the feel of your website. This widget does not cost any Feature Points and can be used as many times as you like. […]

How do I Change Colours or Fonts on my Website?

In order to change specific colours, or fonts on your website, you must first be in Expert Mode. 1. To activate Expert Mode, you simply have to click the Expert option found at the top of the Site Builder Website. 2. Once you are in the Expert mode, you will now have the functionality to change specific fonts and colours, on your websites. […]

What is a Widget?

Widget is the term used to describe the plug and play features and / or applications, that can be added to your Site Builder website. […]

How do I Reset my Site Builder Website?

BEFORE you do any Reset, please ensure that you have backed up all your content and images. In order to reset your Site Builder to the original default, please follow these steps: 1. Login to your Account. 2. Click Site Builder on the (left) Dashboard menu. 3. Click the cPanel button. 4. In the cPanel Window, select the File Manager icon (under the Files section). 5. On the pop-up that appears, ensure that the Web Root option is selected and click Go. 6. In the new window that opens, simply Delete all the files/folders found here. From here you can simply close the cPanel tabs/windows and then access the Site Builder Platform, through your account. Please note: Should you carry out these steps, any informatio […]

How to do SEO for your Site Builder Website.

Here is how to apply SEO to your Site Builder website: 1. Make use of high-quality, relevant and unique Content (copy, video, images, infographics, etc.) 2. Write significant Title Tags. The title tag, also known as the meta title tag, is the HTML code headline for a page. – Write a 50–60 character description that best describes, or summarises, that particular page and its content.- Use one or two keywords that are in the webpage text itself, be cautious and don’t overdo it, as it may have an adverse effect. 3. Create a sensible URL structure for your website, that can clearly define the page and it’s content: e.g. and do not use numbers and char […]

How do I Index my Website on Google & Bing?

Add a website to Google Search Console 1. Sign up for Google Search Console here. It’s free. 2. Go to the URL inspection tool. 3. Copy and paste your website URL in the search bar. 4. Click the Request indexing button.   Add a Website to Bing Webmaster Tools 1. Sign up for Bing Webmaster Tools account here. It’s free. 2. Add your site. 3. Verify ownership by selecting the best option from those listed – when it is verified a Green Checkmark will appear. 4. Navigate to the URL Submission feature 5. Click Submit URLs. 6. Add every URL (for each page URL address) of your website (one per line) and Click Submit. NOTE:   Every time you add a new URL to your website i.e. a new blog article, or new product, follow the abov […]

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