Reseller Terms and Conditions

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1. The Reseller Solution initial cost is R500.00, which consists of an admin fee of R250.00 (incl. VAT) and shall be billed for the set-up of the Reseller account; the balance of R250.00 shall be allocated as funds to the Reseller’s Panel. Please note that these fees are non-refundable.

2. The Reseller Panel operates on a self-funded Pre-paid Credits System:
2.1 There is a required minimum top up of R250.00 allowance on the Reseller Panel.
2.2 is unable to directly refund the minimum credit of R250.00.
2.3 Any balance may be credited to a consumer Customer account for future domain renewals.

3. A minimum quantity of 25 (twenty-five) domains must be under management within a 90-day period of opening a Reseller account.
3.1 Should the required minimum not be achieved, the account will revert to a consumer Customer account.
3.2 The domains will be moved across to a consumer account and consumer pricing will apply.
3.3 Should there be less than 4 (four) domains registered on the account at the time of transfer after the 90-day grace period; full consumer pricing shall be applied and the cost difference will be levied to the account.
3.4 Should the account have 4 (four) or more registered domains, there will be no additional charge when transferred to a Customer account.

4. The Reseller Panel is a fully self-managed solution and under no circumstances will assume management of the domains on behalf of the Reseller.

5. As per ICANN and Registry Policy, the Registrant details of any domain name being registered MUST be the ACTUAL OWNER details of said domain name and NOT the Reseller’s details.

6. It is the Reseller’s responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient funds in the Reseller Panel at all times to cover upcoming domain renewals for their clients.
6.1 The backend system does not allow the removal of a domain name to the Customer platform for renewal only to be transferred back to the Reseller’s Panel once it has taken place.
6.2 It is the Resellers responsibility to ensure that their domains are registered timeously and that they read the renewal notifications as sent from the automated system.

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