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Are you passionate about your organisation and value its reputation? .org is committed to establishing itself as a mark of a purpose-driven open domain that helps in connecting and empowering people worldwide with an online identity that can be trusted.

With .ORG, you are linked to a well-established brand of trust and integrity. .ORG is the first choice for organizations dedicated to serving the public interest.
.ORG’s great popularity and global diversity have made it one of the most empowering and preferred Top Level Domains within the online global community.
.ORG, helping people make a positive impact in the world by bringing their passionate action and inspiring ideas together under one recognisable TLD.

.ORG, the Place to Start Great Things!

Connect your mission-driven organization, professional association or non-profit with like-minded people when you register a .ORG domain name. .ORG is the trusted online identity that gives millions of organizations a voice on the global stage to help make our world a better place. Philanthropic and cultural institutions and foundations; volunteer groups, health, educational and legal services; social, civic and religious communities as well as local community clubs and recreational groups … virtually any positive impact, non-commercial environment can and does make use of the .ORG community to connect and freely share ideas.


Take that first step in bringing your passion and ideas to life by registering a .org today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How did .org start?

FAQ Answer

.ORG was established in January 1985 as one of the original gTLDs, along with .com, .us, .edu, .gov, .mil and .net and was originally intended to be used to indicate non-commercial, non-profit organisations. The first .org domain registration was done in July 1985. This gTLD was operated by VeriSign Global Registry Services and from 1st January 2003, by the Public Interest Registry.

Who manages the .ORG domain?

FAQ Answer

This gTLD was originally operated by VeriSign Global Registry Services from January 1985, however, from 1st January 2003 it is now operated by the Public Interest Registry.

Who uses .ORG?

FAQ Answer

.ORG was originally intended to represent non-profit, non-commercial entities. .ORG domains are usually registered by cultural institutions, foundations, religious organizations, charities, trusts, open-source projects, schools, associations, etc. - this represents further added benefit, in that it creates a sense of confidence for anyone wishing to become a donor.

Do you have to be a nonprofit to use .ORG?

FAQ Answer

Originally, the intention was for the .ORG domain to represent non-profit organisations. However, this restriction was lifted some time back so as to allow registration by schools, open-source projects, community-based groups, cultural institutions, etc. and to date, there are even for-profit organisations.

What makes .ORG different from all the other available domains?

FAQ Answer

.ORG is an open Top Level Domain and is generally speaking the most preferred global TLD as it represents building trust and credibility for various NPOs (Non-Profit Organisations). Whether a foundation, open-source project, education group, or community-based clubs, etc. .ORG is the perfect gTLD to inspire and connect like-minded individuals, sponsors and donors, .ORG assists for anyone wanting to help make our world a better place by service to others.