The Great Domains Rush – Stake your claim!

Do you own a domain with us? Register the available matching domain name for .joburg, .durban, .capetown or .africa for only R3.00*!

It all starts with a domain name, but it doesn’t have to end with just that one!

We have reserved all the available .joburg, .durban, .capetown and .africa domain Geo-TLD matches for all our customers.

If you own a domain with us, Stake Your Claim and register these available matches for only R3.00* per domain.

Promotion extended until midnight 30 September 2022!

GREAT NEWS!!! From 1 October 2022 all existing .africa, .joburg, .durban and .capetown domain names can be renewed for R90.00** p/y only. This means that when the time comes to renew the domains you register during The Great Domains Rush you'll only pay R90.00* instead of R260 for .joburg, .durban and .capetown and R360 for .africa.

How to register your matching and available Geo-TLDs?

Log on to the control panel below to view the available Geo-TLDs we reserved for your domain name/s. Select the options you would like to register and complete the online process.

If the equivalent in a specific Geo-TLD has already been registered by someone else, it will not be available and will therefore not display.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

FAQ Answer

We have checked the availability and reserved all matching Geo-TLDs for all our customers. Once a customer logs into the control panel they will be able to view all available Geo-TLDs that were reserved, and then have the ability to register any (or all) for only R3.00 each*. These domains normally sell for R360 per Geo-TLD. (If the equivalent in a specific Geo-TLD has already been registered by someone else, it will not be available and will therefore not display.)

To activate:

  • Log into your Domains Control Panel
  • Click on the “Great Domains Rush” button
  • Select the domains you wish to register
  • Follow the process to pay and they will be yours

Do all domain names qualify?

FAQ Answer

Only available (i.e. not currently registered) domain names will qualify for this promotion, and it excludes premium domains, reserved domains or trademarked domains. (Please refer to our Ts&Cs at the bottom of the page)

Why should I consider owning other domain extensions alongside my name?

FAQ Answer

Owning all the relevant gTLDs for your domain name can aid your online visibility, protect online brand identity, support any future growth strategy and boost geo-locations by securing more local traffic for “near me” searches.

I own a domain name but it isn’t managed by, do I qualify for this promotion?

FAQ Answer

Unfortunately, no. Only the qualifying gTLD domains that are managed by and reflected in the management control panel, will qualify for this deal; .africa, .joburg, .durban, .capetown.*

If I transfer my domains to, will I then qualify for the deal?

FAQ Answer

Yes, once you have transferred your domain/s to and they are active, our system will check to see if the equivalent match is available in any of the following gTLDs: .joburg, .durban, .capetown and .africa (or all 4)*. If they are, the system will allow you to register these at the promo pricing. (Please Note: Due to the Registry’s requirements, this check can take between 7-14 days.)

Want to transfer your domain to us? Learn more here.

How long will reserve my matching Geo-TLDs/gTLDs for?

FAQ Answer

The Great Domains Rush campaign will end on 30 September 2022 at midnight. will reserve all the matching and available Geo-TLDs for our customers until then.

Why own more than one domain name extension?

FAQ Answer

Your business can benefit from having a domain strategy that includes multiple domain names. It shows vision and out-of-the-box-thinking, and with Geo-TLDs like .joburg, .durban, .capetown and .africa your brand can literally demand the online attention it deserves. 

Terms and Conditions of The Great Domains Rush promotion

  • *Premium domains, reserved domains, trademarked domains, or domains that have already been registered do not qualify for this offer!
  • The Great Domains Rush ends on the 30th of September at midnight. All reserved africa, .joburg, .durban and .capetown that have not been registered at this point in time will be made available to the public again.
  • **From 1 July 2022 all new africa, .joburg, .durban and .capetown domain names can be registered for R90.00.