Registrar or Reseller?

Differences Between a Registrar and a Reseller


A Registrar has registered with ZACR and has a virtual funds account with ZACR ( domains). Each time the Registrar either registers a new domain, or renews an existing domain, the cost is immediately deducted from the Registrar's account.  ZACR will not allow a Registrar to register, or renew, any domains if there are insufficient funds in their account.

A Registrar is required to complete a technical accreditation with ZACR and pay a R5000 initiation fee. At we handle your entire technical accreditation as part of our Registrar Services

When doing a WHOIS, the Registrars name will appear on the ZACR whois as the nominated registrar in care of the domain name.


A Reseller, has a pre-paid funds account with on the control panel. When a Reseller registers, or renews, a domain ( or .com etc.) the cost is deducted immediately from the Reseller's virtual account on the system. 

The Reseller solution has been integrated into the PayFast payment gateway. This has the added benefit of allowing real-time EFT transactions, as well as Credit Card payments of funds into the virtual account. This allows the Reseller to load funds in order to register, or renew, their domains. A Reseller can easily login to their account, load credits via PayFast (which will be reflected immediately), and thus be able to register, or renew domains, thereafter.

As a Reseller there is no ZACR technical accreditation and no initiation fee

When doing a WHOIS, the Registrar name will appear as the generic term "Domains" on the ZACR whois to ensure transparency for the Reseller.

For further information on becoming a Registrar or Reseller please click here.