Registrar Reseller Features

Below is an overview of the platform features, these features are continually expanded on based on what our Registrars and Resellers are looking for.

Our domains solution also offers .joburg, .durban and .capetown as well as numerous other new gTLD’s.

Secure Communication

All communication performed on the Domain Reseller platform utilise 2048-Bit SSL Encryption.

API Security

SSL Encryption and API IP Lockdown prevent unauthorized access to the API interface.

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator provides a 2-Step Verification on login that adds another layer of security to protect your account from being hijacked.

API Interface

A comprehensive, scalable and secure API interface that features more than 48 Domain Management functions.

Make Money

Registrars can create Resellers, define their Resellers' pricing and accept immediate payment via PayFast


The Domain Reseller platform is white-labelled and allows for Notification and Control Panel branding.

WHMCS Module & Widget

A WHMCS Registrar module and Dashboard widget are available to Registrars and Resellers, as well as a white-labelled version.

Development Assistance provides development assistance to Registrars and Resellers wishing to integrate into their own systems.

Registry Liaison has built up a strong working relationship with various Registries and will liaise with them on behalf of Registrars.

Legacy Migrations

The platform provides the facility to automate the migration of Legacy domains to EPP.

New Development is in constant contact with ZACR and various international Registries in order to ensure that we are abreast of current and future developments.

Easy Administration

Easy to use, intuitive Control Panel makes Domain Administration a simple process through the use of bulk actions, Nameserver and Registrant templates.

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