Registrar and Reseller Information

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet expectotem dolores offers a White Labelled Multi Registrar & Reseller EPP Control Panel for domain name management. The development on the Control Panel system was done in conjunction with UniForum to ensure excellence in functionality and compliance.

If you don’t want to become a Registrar, then consider becoming a domain Reseller on our system. The system caters for both Registrars and Resellers, with marginal differences between the two platforms.

This platform allows ISPs and organisations to become Registrars, or Resellers, without having to develop, or know how to develop with, EPP. EPP allows effective communication with UniForum to create and manage domains in a centralized CP (Control Panel). The CP has been in-built for international domains as well; this allows management of both local and international domains via our ICANN accreditation.

The CP effortlessly allows you to keep track of domains as a Registrar or Reseller. It provides the ability to register and manage all aspects of all domains. A Registrar / Reseller management flexibility is ensured via either of the following: Full featured Control Panel (CP), comprehensive API, or a WHMCS module.