Registrar Services’s offers a White Labelled Multi Registrar EPP Control Panel for domain name management. Our solution makes it easy to become a Registrar and stay updated with the latest code enhancements from the Registry.

The Registry is continually making changes and developments to the code, any Registrar having their own system would find this a costly and time-consuming exercise, as they keep abreast of these continual changes. The accreditation alone, for the technical test on the Registrar’s development & OT&E platform, can take months prior to going live.

How simple is it?

Very simple, we will advise you as to the required administration and legal documentation that needs to be completed between you and the Registry. cannot complete this on your behalf, as the Registry requires this information to come directly from the applying Registrar.

What do I need to become a Registrar?
  • administration documentation
  • legal documentation
  • technical documentation
  • development of an EPP system
  • testing of the system on the Registry test platform
  • migration to going live
Technical Accreditation

On completion of the above, the Registrar can send us their Registrar portal details. will then complete the technical accreditation for the technical test on the development & OT&E platform. This process is generally completed in under 1 business day.


Making use of the Control Panel, allows the Registrar to have access to UniForum’s EPP platform. This convenient domain name registration access, allows the Registrar an immediate advantage of development advancements, as well as easy management of their domain names.

Becoming a domain name Registrar through the’s Control Panel, includes:

  • No development needed
  • Save time and money
  • Go-live within hours or days of signing up and not months
  • Access to the Control Panel’s multiple features
  • Continuous upgrades to the platform ensures conformity with Registry requirements
  • Continuous development of new features and functionality for AND other international TLD’s
  • All Registrars have unlimited reseller ability (Coming soon)

Many more features, please contact us for more information

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